Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Magredi' loop

After more bad weather and misfortune finally a chance to ride.  Rode the flat loop from Malnisio, San Leonardo, San Foca, Magredi’, Vivaro, Dandolo, Vajont, Montereale Valcellina and home. Cold for mid-March but clear.  Good workout.

Snowfields of Monte Cavallo

Vineyards of il Magredi' 

Saturday, February 24, 2018

San Foca Loop

Been almost 2 weeks without a ride, due to bad weather, sick dog, etc.  Tomorrow the Siberian Front is coming in so I grabbed this last chance.  Quick loop on familiar but long neglected roads: San Leonardo, San Foca, San Quirino, Sedrano, San Martino.  Fun!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018


A favorite long ride, from Giais through Pordenone and Portoguaro to Brussa, on the Adriatic coast near Caorle.  The Bora wind was blowing somewhat but not too bad.  The good news: they’ve paved the road all the way to the park entrance. Previously there were a couple of miles of white gravel dust which made your bike, your car, and your body look ghostly.   The beach is stll gorgeous and natural. Long ride home but I paced myself pretty well and didn’t bonk.  Nice ride.

Beautiful Brussa strand
Brussa Laguna

Laguna looking west

Costal plain toward northwest 

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Clauzetto - Campone Loop

This is a favorite climb in either direction.  Today I rode it from Meduno to Travesio, Clauzetto, Pradis di Sopra, Campone, Lago Tramontina and again Meduno.   Good climbing practice in lovely surroundings.

Monte Rossa from Pradis

Monte Ciaurelac



Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Casera Valfredda Snowshoe

I heard there was some fresh snow but this was beyond expectations: two or three feet of fluffy virgin snow everwhere.  Every bough and tree limb bending  almost to the ground with the weight.  What joy to hike through this spectacle.  Starting from Ronciade through Casera Caseratte, Valfredda and up to the pass with the three repeater towers, it was all perfect.  I followed the same  route back to the start, then drove back down the mountain, tired and happy.

Mare Adriatico from Col Alto

Casera Valfreddo

Over the pass toward Monte Ciastelat

Snow-burdoned tree limbs 

Upper-right is microwave reflector atop Pala Fontana 

Walking through this grove of ice trees
seems like you're trapped in a chandelier

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Livenza - Meduna Confluence

I tried this ride a couple of weeks ago but missed a turn and ended up in Azzano Decimo.
Today I was more careful and made it to the bridges south of Prata.  These rivers are both unusual:  the Meduna flows through the mountains west of Tramonti di Sopra, then south until it disappears into the Magredis  gravel beds.   After a few miles it re-emerges from springs near Cordenons.  It then meanders southwestward to the confluence with Fiume Livenza.

The Livenza starts along the pedemontane below Il Cansiglio altopiano.  The water emerges from a big spring at La Serenissima and Gorgazo cave near Polcenigo.  The water is very clear and fast moving.  It heads south through Sacile and Brugnera before joining the Meduna.  From here the Livenza meanders south to Caorle on the Adriatico.

On the ride home a storm blew through but I didn’t get too wet, just a bagnato gratis.  Fun!

Meduna River bridge

Meduna River bend

Livenza River bridge

Livenza view north toward its origin

Livenza flowing toward the sea

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Monte Candaglia Ice Hike

I was hoping to get one more snowshoe in this winter so I headed up through the overcast to Il Cansiglio.  The road broke through the clouds at 900 meters into blue skies and sun.  I was surprised how devoid of snow the place was:  only a few weeks ago it was buried in white.  I turned off the main road toward Archelon picnic area and parked.  Here  there was white at least, but I soon realized it was ice not snow.  Repeated thaw and freeze cycles made it hard and slick like a skating rink.  I carried my snowshoes on my back just in case.

The forest along this climb is glorious old-growth spruce and beech which they've left in uncleared wilderness.  Treefalls are left in place, soon engulfed in moss and allowed to decay into the soil.  So I was enthralled and simply adjusted my pace and gate to avoid slippage.  The very steep stretch before joining the gravel road from La Crossete was the only hard part.

I topped out at the Casa Forestale ranger station and then returned.  Much harder to descend on ice due to body angle so I donned my snow shoes.  No slips at all with these.  I realized driving home just how exhausting this had been.  I am beat!

Alpi Bellunese from Monte Candaglia

Mountains north of Piancansiglio

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Monte San Lorenzo - Lago Ca' Selva

Another favorite local ride, from Maniago up Monte San Lorenzo, back down to Val Colvera, down Torrente Mule’ then up to Lago Ca’ Selva.  The road to the lake is closed due to a landslide, but you can walk with bike around it.  Good workout.
Monte Raut from Monte San Lorenzo

Lag Ca' Selva from northwest shore

Wednesday, January 24, 2018


This is a shorter ride but scenic.  Cruise up through Maniago and Fora di Colvera to Frisanco. I skipped the town (don't!  It's beautiful)  and climbed up to a church on a little hill, Beato Vergine Addolorata.  Great views of surrounding mountains.  The onward, more climbing to the end of pavement above Valdestale.  It's a good workout.    

Monte Raut from Chiesa

The campanile

Frisanco in foreground
Casasola midground, left
Monte Rest & Monte Valfredda

Frisanco campanile

Monday, January 22, 2018

Solimbergo loop

Short loop to Arba, Sequals, Solimbergo, Maniago and home.  Surprisingly fatigued afterwards.  Must persist.

Monte Raut from Solimbergo

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Fregona Loop

Temps still hovering in the low single digits ℃ but windless clear skies.  Fregona with the panoramica from Osigo to Montaner is a favorite ride, with variations to Sonego or Sottocosta or Via Buse.  I'm still getting quite tired on these intermediate rides which surprises me because I hadn't taken much of a winter break.  Old age maybe?


Thursday, January 18, 2018

San Daniele

Still cold but not a cloud in the sky.  I cruised over to San Daniele and climbed up to the church and castello.  Great views of the alps from here.  Ride home felt better, maybe I just needed a long warm up.


Castello detail

Church and tower

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Pasiano di Pordenone

Cold with heavy overcast, but at least there’s no wind.  I set out for the confluence of the Livenza and Meduna rivers.  Alas at Visinale I missed a turn and ended up in Pasiano. I headed south from there on a beautiful winding road through the countryside.  I realized how lost I was  when I entered Azzano Decimo comune.  So I headed back toward home.    Good workout

Ponte di Ferro

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Conegliano Hills

Frigid weather has returned, time for some long flat miles.  I headed west to Conegliano, hoping to climb Ca’Poggio to San Pietro Feletto.  I got lost and ended up at Castello di Conegliano, then home.  Very tired.

Castello di Conegliano

Friday, January 12, 2018

Col Spizzat Snowshoe

We’ve had slightly warmer weather (thanks to the scirocco), rain on the snowpack and melting/refreezing cycles.   It wasn’t all bad though because the previous deep powder was very strenuous to snowshoe through.  Instead today I walked on icy snow in the shadowy bits and slightly moist snow on the sunny streches.  Much easier.

From Col Alto I headed east over a little pass to Casera Caseratte and then off-pista to an area devoid of human tracks, only a few rabbit prints, below Col Spizzat.  Very pretty area.  Eventually I meandered onto a human trail above Casera Valfreddo and back to the pass.  Fun snowhike.

Little alter commemorating a saint at the pass

View to the east

Adriatic Sea peeping over the hill

Col Spizzat cliffs (try to climb this summer)

Monte Cavallo Gruppo over a snowbowl

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Tesis - Meduno Loop

The rain finally stopped and temps have risen into the high 40s Fahrenheit.  Today's ride began with a long slightly-downhill glide to Tesis, in the middle of the Magredi' gravel beds.  It was overcast, making the Magredi' seem even more desolate and foreboding.  I turned north at Tesis and soon crossed the Torrente Colvera bridge.  The river is usually only a trickle but a week's rain had transformed it into a good sized stream.   A couple of Italian Mangusta helicopter gun ships were training at extremely low altitude among the scant trees along the river, actually landing and re- starting at times.  That's how sparsely populated the area is, military training interferes with no one.

I passed through Arba and Cavasso Nuovo, where I turned east toward Meduno.  Just below town I headed south and climbed the morainic hills north of Sequals, then continued to Maniago and home.  Very pleasant ride.     

South toward the Adriatico

Rain flowing from the mountains through the Magredi'

Friday, January 5, 2018

Brugnera loop

South to Porcia and Brugnera.   Fiume Livenza beautiful as always.  Surprisingly tired when I finished.

Fiume Livenza at Brugnera

Other half of the horseshoe bend

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Rauscedo Loop

Finally giving some attention to the neglected southeast quadrant.  I rode Fedaia down to Vivaro, east across Magredi di Meduno, south through the vineyards to Rauscedo, Domanins, Zopppola, west through the guado to Cordenons, north to San Quirino and finally back up to Giais.  It’s flat so I stayed in the big ring the whole time.  Chilly but I had the right clothes for it so no problem.  Fun!

Friday, December 29, 2017

Orsago loop

A sunny cold day, perfect for a nice flat ride on Maxima down via Pedemontane to Cordignano, Orsgo Sacile and home.   Need to get back in form after all those Christmas cookies!

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Travesio loop

All this snowshoeing is great cross-training but I need to bike too.  Today I took Fedaia for a nice spin to Sequals, Travesio and Meduno.  Despite the wintery temps I was warm the whole time from the exertions of pedaling in the cheerful winter sun.  Good Christmas Eve workout.

New Craft gloves worked great